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​The Rules

Destiny Rv Resort

1.       Have fun and enjoy your stay!  Show common courtesy to other guests.

2.       All sites must be paid for in advance of stay.  Check out time is 12:00 noon.  If you wish to extend your stay, please come to the front desk prior to check out time. There is no refund for early departures. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY IS 4 PEOPLE PER RV!! Rate is based on two person occupancy. There is a $50 per month charge for individuals beyond initial two (2).

3.       The resort SPEED LIMIT IS 10 MPH.  Excessive speed will not be tolerated at any time.  You will be given one verbal warning, the next time there will be a $25 fine, the third time you will be asked to vacate the resort.

4.       QUIET HOURS are between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. 

5.       GUEST PASS/VISITOR PASS:  Guest Pass or Visitor Pass will be displayed at all times when vehicles are in the resort. Please place them on the dashboard of your vehicle on the driver’s side so that they are clearly visible to resort security personnel.  In the event your pass is lost or damaged, a new pass may be obtained at the office or from security. Children and minors under the age of 18 years are required to have adult supervision at all times.

6.       POOL:  Open from 8am until 10pm.  Please observe pool rules posted poolside.  No children under 18 in spa.  No children in pool area under 18 without adult supervision. NO RUNNING OR DIVING ALLOWED. NO GLASS IN POOL AREA

7.       PETS:  See Pet Agreement for complete pet rules. Please be courteous of others and clean up after pets. All pet need to be leashed at all times when outside the RV.


     a.  In accordance with the City of Goodyear Fire Department, NO street parking will be allowed.  Park only in the site assigned to you.  Two licensed vehicles, in addition to your RV, permitted per site.  Limited overflow parking is available on a "first come, first serve" basis.  If parking on gravel at your site is necessary, please avoid parking on utility lines.  If your vehicle is not being used, please store it off-site. 

     b.  Licensed 2-wheel vehicles and quads are allowed only when transporting you to and from your site.   DO NOT use them to ride around in the park for recreation.

     c.  Utility trailers, trailers with water toys, off-road toys, or car-tow trailers cannot be parked on the site, limited storage is available in the resort for a fee.  Approved off-site storage facilities in the area are available in the office. 

     Bicycle riding, skateboarding and/or rollerblading is permitted on the streets only.  Please do not ride on the sidewalks or in empty RV sites. Picnic tables, park benches, or any other resort property are NOT to be used as jumps or slides.  SPEED LIMIT APPLIES TO ALL VEHICLES.  Bicycle riders, riding after dark, must have their bikes equipped with lights and reflectors!  NO BICYCLES are allowed in the pool area. AT NO TIME are children allowed to ride electric/gas motor scooters/bikes in the resort.

9.       RV's that are 10 yrs. or older are allowed ONLY if approved by management.  ONLY accessories manufactured for RV's can be used.  NO "home-made" (i.e. PVC pipe screens, tarps, etc.) accessories allowed.  If an item is questionable, please ask management for approval. Pickup campers cannot be unloaded from the bed of the truck.

10.   All recreational vehicles must have a secured and sealed sewer connection with adequate drainage.  Hoses must be off the ground at all times at an incline for drainage.

11.   Fireworks are not permitted on the resort grounds.


13.   No indoor furniture (i.e., sofas, recliners, etc.) permitted on patios.

14.   All buildings in the resort are non-smoking. Please use ash cans provided.

15.   Dumpsters are conveniently located throughout the resort.  Please leave your site as clean as you found it.  Recycle aluminum cans in the blue barrels near the dumpsters.  Paper recycling bin is located on the corner by the dog walk.

16.   The laundry room is available from 6 am to 10 pm.  Quarters are available in office.  Clotheslines are not permitted.

17.   Children under 18 are not allowed in the store, pool area, clubhouse, or activity room without adult supervision.  Parents are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children at all times.

18.   FRUIT TREES:  Fruit trees are for all guests to enjoy during their stay.  Please only pick what you can eat so that all guests have an opportunity to enjoy.

19.   Destiny Management shall from time to time have the right to make reasonable changes and additions to the resort rules and regulations, herein, if in writing and distributed to all residents.

20.   For washing of RV's there is a $25 charge (for water)



Violations of any of the above rules and regulations may result in your being asked to leave the resort with no refund of monies paid.  Any guest who leaves without paying for or refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution.